he STAIMO freeware for the analysis speed/power trials has found its way to ship owners, operators, ship yards and trial experts world wide. STAIMO is the computational code implementation of the recent ITTC Guidelines for Speed/Power which has been approved and accepted by IMO for EEDI. Since its release on January 31, the down load page on www.staimo.com saw more than 1000 guests. The visitors came from all over the globe with the majority from North-West Europe, Korea, Japan, Greece, China and Turkey. Last month STAIMO was already used during trials on tankers, bulkers and various other vessels delivered in Korea and China. The launch of the new software developed by STA-Group, also resulted in user feedback which was implemented in STAIMO 1.2 released on March 5.
In the meantime several companies are enrolling for membership of STA-Group which now consists of 39 organisations. STA-Group is conducting further R&D in the field of ship performance testing; at the moment a new correction for water depth (to replace Lackenby) is under validation with dedicated trials on at different water depths. At the same time more speed/power trials are conducted on large container vessels at design draft to provide essential feedback to model test institutes for their extrapolation and to ensure proper conversion of trial results at ballast draft to design and EEDI draft. The results will be presented in the Annual STA-Group meeting on May 28.
A specialist course on trials and model tests for EEDI Verifiers is provided by MARIN. For further information contact info@staimo.com